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Steam Boiler & Water Heater

Product Brand: Yuanda
Product Model: 0.1ton-50ton / 100kw-28000kw / 10hp-3000hp
Available Fuel: Gas/lpg/oil, Coal/biomass/wood/solid waste, electric
Available Industries: For heating, drying, steam turbine, in foods, beverage, textile, paper, feed mill, chemical, edible oil, rice mill, refinery, packaging, laundry, hotel...

Key selling points:0.1ton-40ton (10hp-3000hp) Boiler Supplier For steam boiler, hot water boiler, thermal oil boiler, Powered by gas, lpg, diesel, heavy oil, CNG, electric; coal, biomass, wood, husk, palm shells, bagasse, coconuts, waste;


plan A: Gas boiler, Fuel Oil boiler, Diesel Boiler

(Automatic gas/lpg/cng fired boiler, diesel boiler, heavy oil fired boiler)

① Vertical boiler in 100kg-1000kg gas/oil boiler, it's vertical type burner boiler, suitable for small factorys processing.

② WNS fire tube boiler in 0.5ton-20ton gas oil boiler, horizontal & wet back & corrugated furnace & higher efficiency.

③ SZS water tube boiler in 8ton-40ton gas oil boiler, water tubes & water membrane & strong power.

gas boiler,lpg boiler,diesel boiler,fuel oil boiler

plan B: Electric Steam Boiler, Electric Hot-water Boiler

① Vertical 50kg-500kg electrical steam generator, Once connect electricity power and water, steam boiler into run quickly.

② Horizontal 500kg-5000kg electric boiler, fully-automatic running machine, clean energy make no pollution, high-tech boiler.

electric boiler,electric steam boiler,electric hot water heater

plan C: Coal Boiler, Wood Biomass Boiler

( Burn coal, charcoal, wood, biomass, bagasse, husk, palm shells, solid waste, coconuts)

① Vertical boiler in 300kg-2000kg coal/wood/biomass boiler, manual feeding & small occupy & easy operation.

② DZL/DZH 1ton-8ton coal/wood/biomasss boiler, water-fire tubes & chain grate & automatic running.

③ SZL 4ton-40ton coal/wood/biomass boiler, water tubes & double drums & water membrane, tailor-made boiler solution.

Consider fuel characteristics, we design different boiler stoves & special grate, enhancing heat transfer efficiency.

coal boiler,wood biomass boiler,solid waste pellets boiler

plan D: Portable Boiler, Mobile Steam Boiler

All kinds of boilers can be installed on a platform, or container room, you only need pay for the frame/container. Skid-mounted/container boiler, all equipment is set on one platform or in a container, it's easier to transfer and quick into use, movable steam boiler for various industries.

skid mounted boiler, portable boiler, mobile boiler

> Our Products & Global Sales

1. Steam Boiler, Hot Water Heater Boiler, Thermal Oil Heater Boiler, Steam Generator, Steam Turbine Boiler.

2. Gas Boiler, Lpg Boiler, Diesel Boiler, Heavy Oil Boiler, Dual Fuel Boiler, Waste Heat Exhaust Gas Boiler.

3. Electric Boiler, Electric Steam Generator, Electric Hot Water Boiler, Electric Thermal Oil Heater.

4. Coal Boiler, Wood Boiler, Biomass Boiler, Charcoal Boiler, Briquette Boiler, Pellets Boiler, Solid waste Boiler

5. Husk Boiler, Palm Kernel Shells Boiler, Coconuts Shells Boiler, Agro Waste Boiler, Thermal Heat & Power Boiler

yuanda boiler,china boiler supplier,industrial boiler supplier

Technical Parameter

Medium Available fuel Boiler Models
 steam gas/lpg/oil WNS1 WNS2 WNS3 WNS4 WNS6 WNS10 WNS10 ....... SZS20 SZS30
coal/biomass/wood DZL1 DZH2 DZL2 DZH4 DZL4 DZL6 DZL8 ....... SZL10 SZL20
thermic oil gas/oil YY(Q)W350 YY(Q)W700 YY(Q)W1400 YY(Q)W3000 YY(Q)W3500 YY(Q)W4200 YY(Q)W7000 ....... YY(Q)W11200 YY(Q)W14000
coal/biomass YLW350 YLW700 YLW1400 YLW2400 YLW2900 YLW4200 YLW5600 ....... YLW10500 YLW14000
hot water gas/lpg/oil WNS0.7 WNS1.4 WNS2.1 WNS2.8 WNS4.2 WNS7.0 WNS8.4 ....... SZS21 SZS58
coal/biomass/wood DZL0.7 DZL1.4 DZL2.8 DZL4.2 DZL5.6 DZL7.0 DZL14 ....... SZL21 SZL28

Hot Products

electric steam generator,vertical electric boiler,small electric boiler

100kg 200kg 300kg 500kg Steam Boiler

Automatic electricity heating steam generator boiler, vertical type stainless tube heating steam generation, clean steam output.
water tube boiler,water tube biomass boiler,water tube coal boiler

Water Tube Boiler 2ton-50ton

SZL series water tube boiler, burning coal, wood biomass waste. Double drums water wall membrane design, use chain grate/reciprocating grate.
electrical boiler,electrical heated boiler,electric steam boiler

Electrical steam boiler 0.5ton-10ton

Small electric steam/water boiler for use, pollution-free, no noise, convenient installation, small footprint, fully automatic control and high thermal efficiency.
small wood boiler,wood pellets boiler,biomass pellets boiler

Wood Biomass Pellets Boiler

Automatic wood biomass heating boiler, smallest in 60kw, largest in 7000kw. Widely used in district heating, buildings heating...

FAQ of Steam Boiler

What are the available fuel for boiler?

Including gas, lpg, diesel, heavy oil, CNG, dual fuel, electricity, coal, biomass, wood, waste fuel, bagasse, husk, ricehusk, coconuts, palm shells,exhaust gas...

Can you customized the boiler design according our request?

Yes, we have experienced engineer service team, will give our best economic and energy-saving design boiler. You need send your requirments to us, then we will give our response within 24 hours.

Accept steam boiler, do you also have other machine?

We produce and supply boiler and other machine, such hot water boiler, thermal oil heater boiler, steam generator, steam turbine, exhaust waste gas boiler, rice milling machine, oil extraction machine...

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