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Yuanda Boiler, estiblished since 1956, professional in boiler & pressure vessel. Click the characteristic to find your pick.

Fully automatic boiler, mean one-button control boiler run on/off. You can choose gas boiler, diesel boiler, heavy oil boiler, electric boiler. Also these are low-pollution or no-pollution boiler

Manual hand boiler, mostly name the manual coal/wood/biomass boiler. It means feeding coal/wood/biomass into boiler stove combustion by manual hand, its like the traditional boiler structure, has advantages of durable & less investment cost.

We manufacture the small boiler, make it a vertical shape, it's easy to deliver and install. It's widely used for all factories processing, most factory need small steam boiler, small hot water boiler, small oil heater boiler.

Horizontal look boiler, including horizontal gas oil boiler, horizontal coal boiler, horizontal biomass boiler, horizontal wood boiler, horizontal thermal oil boiler, horizontal steam boiler, horizontal hot water boiler.

How Many Factors Effect Boiler Cost

Boiler body cost

Boiler body, mainly consist of combustion stove/furnace and boiler drums. Because we are the manufacturer, 100% ensure good quality boiler body, also is competitive price.

Boiler auxiliary & spare parts cost

Generally boiler system need auxilaries, including burner, PLC control panel, instrument valves, water pumps, water tank, water treatment equipment, chimney, economizer, steam header. If you already have some common auxiliary, don't need purchase new one.

Boiler running cost (fuel cost, electricity power cost)

There are two factors influence the running cost estimate, "fuel calorific value" and "local fuel price". If your local electricity is very cheap, its a better choice for choose electric boiler. If your local biomass/coal is cheaper, there is no doubt to choose biomass/coal boiler. Take a example, Nigeria customers open rice mills, their common choice is ricehusk fired boiler because of "free ricehusk fuel". Common fuel: electricity gas lpg diesel heavy-oil coal wood biomass ricehusk palmshells briquette If you wanna compare different fuel runnning cost, contact us

Labor cost (boiler operator)

Boss need pay salary for boiler workers. Because boiler belongs to industrial pressure vessel, need someone on-duty for operation and maintenance.

Help You Calculate Boiler Thermal Value

How to calculate boiler capacity conversion ?

Normal conversion: 1ton=1tph=1000kg =700kw =0.7mw=64hp =71bhp=60,0000kcal =240,0000btu=2204lbs

How to calculate the heating capacity ?

Suppose: Heating 50tons 10℃ water into 42℃. (Theory: 1kg water needs about 1 Kcal to rise 1℃)
Now the feeding water is 10℃, rises to 42℃, so temperature difference is 42℃-10℃ = 32℃
50 tons water =50,000 kg, Heat up 1 ℃ for 50tons water =50,000 X 1 Kcal=50,000 Kcal
Conlusion: Heating up to 42℃=50,000 Kcal X 32=1,600,000 Kcal
Then, we will consider your needs and local market fuel price, make solution and offer best economic choice for you!

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