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Electrical Steam Generator

Product capacity: 9kw-7000kw 13kg-10000kg
Working pressure: 0.1-2.5Mpa, 1-25bar
Available fuel: Electricity
Available industries: Washing ironing, Food, Biotechnology, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Coating, Cooking, Concrete Curing, Sauna, Beauty Club.

Key selling points:LDR series electric steam generator boiler, small capacity vertical electric boiler, portable by bottom wheels.


> Electric Steam Generator 9kw-7000kw

LDR series portable electric steam generator, small steam capacity generating, design with high quality materials and automatic running control system, work no pollution, high efficiency help saving cost.

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> Features & Advantages

1. Environmentally Friendly & high efficiency
Nearly 100% thermal efficiency, quiet, clean, more in line with the requirements of environmental protection, will not emit NOx (nitrogen oxides) to the atmosphere.

2. Easy to Install and Use Simply
Before leaving factory, products should pass strict debugging. Quick Install & Quick Start & Automatic Operate.

3. Multiple Safety Interlock Protection
Installed with overpressure protection, low water level protection, leakage protection, ensure the operation 100% safety.

4. Use High-quality Components
All pipes and instruments are connected by using stainless pipes or copper pipes, safe and reliable with luxurious configuration.

5. High Quality Electricity Heat Tube

Electric heating pipe use stainless steel pipe with high-quality thick wall of 316L, has a longer life span service.

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Technical Parameter

Model Types Thermal capacity (kg/h) Thermal capapcity (kw) Working pressure  Steam temperature Thermal efficiency Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
LDR0.013 Vertical 13 9 0.3Mpa-1.5Mpa
(Customized design)
(Customized design)
98%-99.5% 650*390*750 70
LDR0.017 17 12 650*390*750 75
LDR0.025 25 18 750*450*1050 90
LDR0.035 35 24 750*520*1050 95
LDR0.05 50 36 750*580*1150 101
LDR0.065 65 48 800*580*1200 115
LDR0.075 75 54 800*580*1300 140
LDR0.085 85 60 800*600*1300 145
LDR0.1 100 72 860*650*1390 172
LDR0.11 110 80 860*650*1390 185
LDR0.125 125 90 860*650*1430 190
LDR0.15 150 108 920*760*1600 245
LDR0.18 180 126 920*760*1600 260
LDR0.2 200 144 1130*750*1780 450
LDR0.25 250 180 950*900*1830 650
LDR0.3 300 216 1320*1040*1920 760
LDR0.4 400 288 1380*1040*2070 890
LDR0.5 500 360 1020*890*2350 1020
WDR0.5 Horizontal 500 360 1755*1180*1510 1400
WDR1.0 1000 700 2530*1380*1480 1730
WDR2 2000 1400 2530*2000*2080 2730
WDR3 3000 2100 2630*2210*2160 3420
WDR4 4000 2800 3680*2360*2380 4320
WDR5 5000 3500 3980*2580*2560 5130
Note: Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow the factory technical data.

Our Supply Equipment List

Steam generator proper
Inner control cabinet
Electric heating rod
Bottom valve
Water pump
Valves & Instruments
Steam flow meter
Electrode sensor
Steam seperator
Safety valve
Pressure controller

Projects Cases

100kg electric steam generator,50kg steam generator,100kg electric boiler

50kg electric steam generator

Vertical portable stainless tube heating steam generator for food productions.
250kg electrical steam generator,250kg electric boiler

250kg Two Sets Steam Generator

Total 500kg steam generation per hour, with water sofenter system, steam generator for dairy plant.
steam generator control wiring

Electricity Control Wiring

Four time periods can be set, can use the off-peak electricity easily.
300kg steam generator,300kg electric steam generator

300KG Steam Generator Boiler

Stainless tube heating water to generate steam, supply steam for ironing machine.

Global Sales & Service

Global Sales & 15Years Export Experience

Till now, our products already sold to 102 countries all over the world. Products Certified by ASME, CE, ISO, EAC, DOSH, TUV, BUV, ensuring high quality and compliance with international standards.

Factory Outlet & Direct Sale Price

Our company established since 1956, more than 65 years experience in boiler design, manufacturing, install service. Factory direct sale price make good sense for your business.

Global Service Team For Boiler

Our Engineer have arrived more than 50Countries for boiler installation, guiding, commissioning and training operators, that make our boiler work perfect during using life, nice after-sale service.

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