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Biomass Steam Generator Boiler

Product capacity: 100kg-10000kg
Working pressure: 0.1Mpa-3.8Mpa
Available fuel: Biomasspellets, woodpellets, solid waste fuel, biomass waste
Available industries: For heating, drying, heat exchange. such as foods, beverage, textile, paper, feed mill, chemical, edible oil, rice mill, refinery, packaging, laundry, hotel...

Key selling points:Fully automatic steam generator boiler, inner use water-tube & fire-tube for heat exchange, high efficiency & easy operation & quick running.


Biomass Steam Generator Boiler

Capacity: 100kg-10000kg , 40kw-7000kw

Fully automatic biomass pellets steam generator boiler, including fixed grate type & reciprocating grate type. It adopts water-tubes & fire tubes design for heat transferring. Thermal efficiency is about 85%.

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Product Advantages

1. Energy Saving

Compared to expensive electricity power, biomass energy will help saving cost, with a low biomass consumption cost.

2. Efficienct Heat Exchange

Inner structure using water-tube & fire-tube transferring heat, thermal efficiency up tp 85%.

3. Flexible Assembly

Cause its small size appearance, available for nearby installation, it will help save little heat loss in pipelines.

4. Easy Into Use

It don't need set a boiler room, simple to install, one-botton start up/off, automatic ignition, auto-control system.

5. Intelligent Control

Automatic control system for work-pressure, water-level, biomass fuel feeding, combustion stage.

6. Modular Integrated Design

Compact structure, beauty appareance, light weight, available to move everywhere.

steam generator structure,biomass pellets steam generator,wood pellets steam generator

Related: Biomass Fire Tube Boiler

Biomass burner boiler,consist of biomass burner & fire tube furnace, use biomass burner for burning biomass, then supplying thermal energy to fire tube furnace for heating, high-temperature flue gas go into fire tube boiler. Fire tube boiler is kind of three pass design, with a high thermal efficiency.

biomass burner boiler,woodwater burner boiler,biomass fire tube boiler

> How to Choose A Suitable Boiler

1. Basic Boiler Information For Your Project

Fuel options: Gas Lpg Diesel Heavy-oil Biogas Dual-fuel, Electricity, Coal, Charcoal, Wood, Biomass, Pellets, EFB Palm-kernel-shells, Rice-husk, Peanut-shells, Cashew-nuts-shells, Sunflower-seeds-shells, Bagasse, etc.

Thermal capacities options: 100kg-50000kg, 70kw-35000kw, 5hp/bhp-3000hp/bhp, (million-btu, pounds/lbs, liters,etc)

Heat medium options: saturated/superheated steam, hot water, thermal oil.

Structure options: Fire tube boiler, water tube boiler, water-tube fire-tube boiler

Layout options: Vertical boiler, Horizontal boiler.

Operating-mode options: Automatic, manual

Note: please feel free to send all requirements, we could help you better.

2. Calculating Running Cost

Specific consumption analysis report

Different types boiler running consumption comparison analysis report

(Note: Report is based on your local energy source price)

3. Boiler Accessories (essential or optional)

Control panel, Water treatment device, Economizer, Conderser, Heat recovery unit, Deaerator, Solid fuel burning combustions stoker (chain-grate, reciprocating-grate, travelling-grate, fixed-grate), Steam header, Pumps, Water level gauge/sensor, Pressure guage/sensor, Safety valves, etc.

Note: Any special request, please send all details.

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Technical Parameter

Model LSS-0.12-0.6 LSS-0.15-0.6 LSS-0.2-0.7 LSS-0.3-0.7 LSS-0.5-0.7 LSS-0.75-0.7 LSS-1.0-0.7
Rated steam capacity(Kg/h) 120 150 200 300 500 750 1000
Rated working pressure(Mpa) 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7
Induced fan power(W) 250 370 550 550 750 2200 4000
Fd fan power(W) 85 120 120 330 500 500 500×2
Feeding motor power(W) 250 250 250 250 250 250 250
Pump power(w) 750 750 750 1100 1500 2200 2200
Power consumption(KW/h) 1.34 1.49 1.67 2.23 3 5.15 7.45
Thermal efficiency(%) 85 85 85 85 85 85 85
Fuel consumption(Kg/h) 17 22 29 43 58 108 158
Safety valve(Mpa) 0.58 0.58 0.58 0.68 0.68 0.68 0.68
Overall dimensions(mm) 1700×650×1550 1700×700×1650 1850×750×1700 2000×1320×1800 2470×1480×1940 1860×1350×2200 2100×1650×2750
Dust collector(mm) Φ520×1350 Φ551455 Φ550×1455 Built in dedusting Built in dedusting Φ755×2000 Φ755×2000
Shipping weight(kg) 728 880 980 1480 2000 2500 2900

Our Supply Equipment List

Steam Generator/Boiler
Water Tank
Water Softener
Heat Exchanger
Water Pump
Induced Fan

Product Features

biomass heating boiler

Combustion Show

Automatic ignition & combustion stage. Show biomass pellets combustion, burning at high efficiency, strong power.
biomass boiler,central heating boiler

Modular Integration

Compact structure and light weight; One-button start up/off; Automatic control system; Available to move everywhere.
water treatment device,water softener,water softener device

Water Treatment Device

Hard water is softened by removing the hardness minerals in the water through a process called ion exchange.
biomass boiler contral cabinet

Controller Cabinet

Support customized service on control system, pls send your requirements.

Product FAQ

Question: Which model is better if need biomass steam boiler ?

Answer: There are lots of biomass steam generator/boilers, we could help you better if we know some details: boiler capacity, what biomass burning, boiler pressure.

Question: Do you supply boiler which could burn palm kernel shells ?

Answer: Sure, we have special biomass boiler for burning palm kernel shells. Beside, for bagasse, cashew nut shell, shells fiber, sawdust, woodlog, tree bark...

Question: Do you have biomass boiler for electricity generating ?

Answer: Yes, our biomass boiler could be used for electricity generating by steam turbine. Please send all requirements to service@yuanda-boiler.com

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