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SZS Water Tube Oil Gas Boiler

Product capacity: 10t/h-100t/h
Working pressure: 0.1-3.8Mpa (Saturated / Superheated)
Available fuel: Nature gas, lpg, biogas, diesel, heavy oil, dual fuel
Available industries: For heating, drying, steam turbine, in foods, beverage, textile, paper, feed mill, chemical, edible oil, rice mill, refinery, packaging, laundry, hotel...

Key selling points:SZS series water tube gas oil boiler, whole water membrane cooling wall design, high steam quality, sufficient output and high efficiency >98%


> SZS Series Oil Gas Fired Boiler

Water Tube Boiler | Double Drums Water Membrane Wall Boiler

SZS steam boiler,SZL hot water boiler,SZS oil gas fired boiler

※ SZS gas & oil water tube boiler is arranged as drum longitudinal type “D” shape, it’s quickly assembled boiler with water tube, has the characteristics of high steam quality, sufficient output, high thermal efficiency, etc.

※ The structure of furnace water cooling wall and convection gas pass is membrane wall, have good sealability, and effectively reduce refractory brick quantity and maintenance workload.

※ The layout of economizer at boiler tail could effectively reduces exhaust gas temperature and improve boiler thermal efficiency.

※ This series gas fired water tube boiler is delivered as whole when leave factory, convenient for transportation, and has a short install period.

> Advantages of SZS Series Boiler

1. High Efficiency: SZS boilers are designed for high efficiency and can achieve a high level of thermal efficiency, ensuring better fuel utilization and lower operating costs.

2. Large Heating Surface Area: These boilers typically have a larger heating surface area compared to other types, which enhances heat transfer and efficiency.

3. Compact Design: Despite their high efficiency and power, SZS boilers are often designed to be compact, saving space and making installation more manageable.

4. Low Emissions: They are designed to meet stringent emission standards, reducing environmental impact by minimizing pollutants released into the atmosphere.

5. Reliability: SZS boilers are known for their reliability and durability, offering consistent performance over extended periods with proper maintenance.

6. Easy Maintenance: While regular maintenance is necessary for any boiler system, SZS boilers often have features that facilitate easier access for maintenance and servicing.

> SZS Series Oil Gas Fired Boiler

Hot Sell Oil Gas Steam Boiler 8Ton 10Ton 15Ton 20Ton 25Ton 30Ton

SZS steam boiler,10ton 15ton 20ton 25ton 30ton szs boiler

> How to Choose A Suitable Boiler

1. Basic Boiler Information For Your Project

Fuel options: Gas Lpg Diesel Heavy-oil Biogas Dual-fuel, Electricity, Coal, Charcoal, Wood, Biomass, Pellets, EFB Palm-kernel-shells, Rice-husk, Peanut-shells, Cashew-nuts-shells, Sunflower-seeds-shells, Bagasse, etc.

Thermal capacities options: 100kg-50000kg, 70kw-35000kw, 5hp/bhp-3000hp/bhp, (million-btu, pounds/lbs, liters,etc)

Heat medium options: saturated/superheated steam, hot water, thermal oil.

Structure options: Fire tube boiler, water tube boiler, water-tube fire-tube boiler

Layout options: Vertical boiler, Horizontal boiler.

Operating-mode options: Automatic, manual

Note: please feel free to send all requirements, we could help you better.

2. Calculating Running Cost

Specific consumption analysis report

Different types boiler running consumption comparison analysis report

(Note: Report is based on your local energy source price)

3. Boiler Accessories (essential or optional)

Control panel, Water treatment device, Economizer, Conderser, Heat recovery unit, Deaerator, Solid fuel burning combustions stoker (chain-grate, reciprocating-grate, travelling-grate, fixed-grate), Steam header, Pumps, Water level gauge/sensor, Pressure guage/sensor, Safety valves, etc.

Note: Any special request, please send all details.

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Technical Parameter

SZS Series Steam Boiler Technical Parameter
Model Rated capacity(t/h) Rated pressure (Mpa) Rated steam temperature(℃) feed temperature(℃) Thermal efficiency(%) Fuel comsumption max transportation weigh(t)
light diesel oil(kg/h) natural gas(Nm³/h)
SZS10-1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82-YQ 10 1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82 194/204/226/450 20/104 >98 618 660 36
SZS15-1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82-YQ 15 1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82 194/204/226/450 20/104 >98 927 987 45
SZS20-1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82-YQ 20 1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82 194/204/226/450 20/104 >98 1256 1316 52.6
SZS25-1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82-YQ 25 1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82 194/204/226/450 20/104 >98 1545 1660 55.3
SZS30-1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82-YQ 30 1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82 194/204/226/450 20/104 >98 1856 1981 63.7
SZS40-1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82-YQ 40 1.25/1.6/2.5/3.82 194/204/226/450 20/104 >98 2470 2630 77.4
Note: Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow the factory technical data.

Our Supply Equipment List

Boiler Body
Control Cabinet
Feed Water Pumps
Circulating Water Pumps
Water Tank
Water Treatment Equipment
Induced Fan
Steam header

Technical Design

szs boiler disgram,szs oil gas fired boiler,szs steam boiler

Larger Comubustion furnace

Enough big combusition space, gas/oil burning sufficiently. Quick running, strong power to steam generating with 10minutes.
szs double drums water membrane boiler,szs water tube boiler,china water tube boiler

Membrane type water wall structure

Whole membrane type water wall structure is adopted around the furnace, has good sealing performance, low heat loss, no smoke and smoke leakage.
china szs oil gas boiler,water tube steam boiler,industrial water tube boiler

Higher quality steam generation

Compared with fire tube boiler, szs water tube boiler generating higher quality steam for using. (Moisture content<3%)
10ton water tube boiler,15ton water tube boiler,20ton water tube boiler

Saturated Steam & Superheated Steam

SZS series boiler can generate superheated steam for higher temperature compared with fire tube boiler, to reach different processing demand.

FAQ of SZS Boiler

What brand burner of your boiler ?

We use world-famous burner Weishaput/baltur/riello/hofat/Oilon, etc. Ensure 100% high quality products.

What capacity of your SZS gas oil boiler?

Now we mainly produce SZS gas oil water tube boiler in 10ton/hr-50ton/hr, if you have request, contact now

Do you offer install service for boiler?

Hi, dear, we have sold boilers to 107 countries and our senior engineer Mr.Gao already served for 50 counrties, responsible for boiler installation and boiler operation items.

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