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Thermal Oil Heater Boilers

Product capacity: 100kw-35000kw, 100000kcal-30mkcal
Working pressure: 0.1Mpa-3.8Mpa 1bar-38bar
Available fuel: Gas, diesel, lpg, coal, wood, biomass, ricehusk, sawdust, woodchips.
Available industries: For heating oil, such as in Food industry, Textile industry, Packaging industry, Bitumen, Plywood factory, Refineries...

Key selling points:Boiler model: YYQW, YYQL, YLW, YGL, GYD. Supply Horizontal-type and Vertical-type oil boiler, Automatic and Manual work way oil boiler.


Thermal oil heater boiler

In Vertical or Horizontal, In skid-mounted or containerised (Portable). Fuel: gas, lpg, diesel, electricity, coal, wood, biomass.

① Gas/Diesel Thermal Oil Boiler

Horizontal or Vertical type, Automatic thermal oil boiler with burner (brand of baltur, riello, unigas, ecoflame, oilon, etc.)

YYQW thermal oil boiler,gas thermal oil heater,diesel thermal oil boiler

Structure: YY(Q)W thermal oil boiler adopts a horizontal chamber-fired three-coil structure, and the body is composed of an outer coil, a middle coil and an inner coil.

Whole System including oil heater boiler proper, burner, control cabinet, oil expansion tank, oil storage tank, oil circulating pumps, economizer, chimney, pipes, valves, gauges, etc.

② Electricity Thermal Oil Heater

The equipment Use electricity heating thermal oil, automatically heating oil up to temperature 200°C-350°C. Widely used in asphalt, bitumen, textile, plywood hot pressing, reactor, food fryer, packaging industry, refinery oil, etc

electrical oil heater boiler,electric thermal oil boiler

Electric heating thermal oil heater consists of the main parts (including electric heater host , high-temperature oil pump and Y-shape filter), expansion tank, control cabinet and piping. All the components of the system must work together in harmony for proper performance.

electric thermal oil boiler,electric hot oil boiler,electric thermal oil heater

③ Coal/Biomass wood thermal oil heater

Horizontal type thermal oil boiler, use chain grate for automatic feeding, high efficiency, environmental-friendly.

ylw horizontal thermal oil boiler,ylw coal thermal oil boiler,chain grate thermal oil boiler

YGL series thermal oil boiler, is vertical type boiler working at low pressure, heating thermal oil temperature up to 200°C-350°C.

YGL wood thermic fluid heater,YGL vertical thermal oil boiler,vertical wood thermal oil boiler

Application of thermal oil boiler

1. Fuel applicable: Electric, Gas, Lpg, Diesel, Heavy Oil, Coal, Wood, Biomass, Agro Waste.

2. Application industry: Cement industry, Chemical/petrochemical industry, Polymer industry, Textile industry, Leather industry, Oil industry, Glue industry, Food processing industry, Metal industry, Tyre industry, Bitumen & Tar processing industry, Paper mills industry, Wood industry, Soap Detergent industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Paint Varnish industry Packing Packaging industry, Glass industry, Industrial Laundries. etc.

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Technical Parameter

Gas/Diesel Thermal Oil Boiler Technical Parameter
Model Rated power(KW) Rated pressure (Mpa) Thermal oil temperature(℃) Thermal efficiency(%) Fuel comsumption max transportation weigh(t)
light diesel oil(kg/h) natural gas(Nm³/h)
YY(Q)W-700Y(Q) 700 0.8/1.0 250-320 >96 61.3 73.6 3
YY(Q)W-1400Y(Q) 1400 0.8/1.0 250-320 >96 122.6 147.1 4
YY(Q)W-3000Y(Q) 3000 0.8/1.0 250-320 >96 249.2 296.4 10
YY(Q)W-3500Y(Q) 3500 0.8/1.0 250-320 >96 305.6 366.8 10.2
YY(Q)W-4200Y(Q) 4200 0.8/1.0 250-320 >96 367.5 436.6 16.5
YY(Q)W-5600Y(Q) 5600 0.8/1.0 250-320 >96 489.6 586.8 23.6
YY(Q)W-7000Y(Q) 7000 0.8/1.0 250-320 >96 612.3 726.9 28
Note: If need other boilers technical specifications, pls contact us directly.

Our Supply Equipment List

Boiler Body
Control Cabinet
Feed Oil Pumps
Circulating Oil Pumps
Oil Storage Tank
Oil Expansion Tank
Oil Gas Separator
Oil header

Features of Oil Boiler

yyqw boiler structure,oil boiler coil,thermal oil heater coil

Compace coil tube structure

Horizontal chamber combustion three coil structure, its body is composed of outer coil, middle coil, inner coil and rear coil.
yyqw boiler coil,thermal oil boiler coil,thermic fluid heater coil

Wet back sturcture

Unique design for heating surface in end of boiler, somke chamber wet back sturcuture, make lower heat loss, improve thermal efficiency 2%-3%.
automatic thermal oil heater,automtaic oil boiler,automatic oil heater

External oil tank

The design of the external oil collecting tank prevents the slow flow of grease carbonization and avoids accidents.
yyqw thermal oil boiler,yyqw thermal oil heater,yyqw oil boiler

100% safety runing & best insulation

Double layer 12cm aluminum silicate insulation. Sealed tightly to avoid air leaks. Over oil temperature/over smoke temperature/low flow alarm.

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