Jute Boiler

Product capacity: 0.5ton-10ton
Working pressure: 0.1Mpa-3.8Mpa 1bar-38bar
Available fuel: Waste cloth, jute, jhute, coal, biomass, wood...
Available industries: Garments Factory, Textile Factory, Foods, Beverage...

Key selling points:Vertical Waste Jute Boiler, Small Occupy Area, Vertical Water Tube Boiler, Vertical Steam Boiler For Garments Factory


1. Vertical Jute boiler

200kg-2000kg Vertical jute boiler, the boiler body mainly made of U-circle, boiler drum, shell cover, furnace, horizontal water tube, vertical tube, convection tubes, pressure parts. Set manhole on shell cover, convenient for boiler maintenance and clean.

Jute Boiler,Vertical Jute Boiler,Jute Steam Boiler

2. Horizontal Jute boiler

1ton-10ton DZL Series horizontal type jute steam boiler.

dzl jute boiler,horizontal jute boiler,jute steam boiler

Technical Parameter

Biomass Steam Generator Technical Parameter Table
Model Rated evaporation(T/H) Rated pressure (Mpa) Saturation temperature(℃) Thermal efficiency(%) Water capacity(L) Fuel consumption(Kg/H) power supply(V)
LSG0.08-0.7 0.08 0.7 170 ≥90 29.5 12 220
LSG0.12-0.7 0.12 0.7 170 ≥90 29.5 17 220
LSG0.16-0.7 0.16 0.7 170 ≥90 29.5 25 220
LSG0.23-0.7 0.23 0.7 170 ≥90 29.5 33 220
LSG0.30-0.7 0.3 0.7 170 ≥90 47.5 50 220
LSG0.50-0.7 0.5 0.7 170 ≥90 29.5 75 220
Note: Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow the factory technical data.

Our Supply Equipment List

Fuel Feeder
Grate Speed Reducer
Slag Remover
Water Treatment Device
Water Pumps
Water Tank
Forced/Induced Fan
Smoke Clean Equipment

Vertical Jute Boiler Features

vertical water tube boiler, lsg vertical coal steam boiler

Hand-Feeding Jute Boiler

LSC series vertical type boiler, help saving occupy area. Need Hand feeding waste cloth/jute combustion, easy installation & operation
vertical water tube boiler, vertical coal steam boiler

Inner Water Tube Structure

Water tube jute boiler, larger heating area, make water temperature heat up quickly. Also it has low maintenance rate, low running cost
vertical water tube boiler, vertical coal steam boiler

100% Safety & Easy Control

We make the ultrasonic flaw detection and water pressure test for body body and pressurized part. Boiler equipped with double gauges & safety valves
vertical water tube boiler, vertical coal steam boiler

Longer Using Lifespan

Equipped with water softener, could remove Mg+, Ca+ in water and improve water quality. Prevent hurt to boiler tube, entend the boiler using life time


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