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General questions for electric boiler, electric steam generator, electric steam boiler, electric heating boiler, electric hot water boiler, electric heating oil boiler, electric hot oil heater. YD Boiler has rich experience to provide customers with a full set of boiler equipment services, with excellent professional skills and positive spirit of innovation to create a world-class boiler equipment and struggle. immediately Advisory; we are dedicated to serve you!

Q:Automatic operation electric steam generator or steam boiler ?


Our electric heating boiler employs full automatic intelligent control technology, and adopts PLC control system to make the operation more simple and safe. 

The boiler controller uses SIEMENS/ DELIXI electrical components. Operator can control water level, water temperature, fire situation and working pressure, etc. Moreover, the operation parameters could be set, and they are shown on the screen.

Q:how about the safety interlock system ?

A:YD electric heating boiler production device:
1.Monitoring of water level
2.Steam over-pressure protection
3.Electric leakage protection
4.Water shortage protection
5.Power abnormal protection
6.Integrated gas manifolds and protection system
7.Flue gas monitoring device

Q:Electric steam generator, steam boiler pamater


Steam Capacity (Ton) 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.5 0.7 1.0 1.5
Power Consumption (KW) 75 147 219 368 547 731 1083