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Why Choose a Grate Based on Biomass Fuel Type


Different Argo Biomass Waste Combustion Devices

How can we choose one best-suitable !

Different types of biomass fuels have varying characteristics, such as moisture content, size, shape, and density, which can affect how they burn.

We need pay attention to Biomass-waste Characteristics as following:

Size and Shape: There are many different sizes and shapes biomass fuels, such wood pellets, woochips, ricehusk, bagasse, coconut shells, palm kernel shells, etc. We will design the suitable grate to accommdate the specific biomass fuel. For example, a grate with wider gaps may be suitable for larger wood logs, while a grate with smaller gaps may be needed for smaller pellets or chips.
Moisture Content: If biomass fuel has a high moisture rate, it leads to incomplete combustion, increased emissions, and reduced heat output. For high-moisture fuels, it needs facilitate airflow to promote drying and efficient burning.
Density: Biomass fuels vary in density, with some being denser than others. For denser fuels like wood pellets or briquettes, grates should be sturdy enough to support the weight without warping or deformation.

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