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Electric Steam Boiler

Product capacity: 35kg-10,000kg 30kw-7000kw
Working pressure: 0.1Mpa-3.8Mpa 1bar-38bar
Available fuel: Heating by electricity, electric steam boiler
Available industries: For heating, drying process, such as in foods process, cheese factory, milk factory, poultry, feed mill, garment factory, school, hotel, laundry, kitchen......

Key selling points:WDR commercial electric steam boiler, horizontal package electric steam boiler & stainless steel tubular boiler & automatic operation & easy install and quick into use & no air pollution boiler


Horizontal Electric Steam Boiler

Electric steam boiler, it use electricity as energy heating water into high temperature steam, output steam for heating process in factory.

1. With the advantages of environmental protection, no-pollution, no noise

2. It's easier to install the boiler and accessories, make it normal work during running

3. Small footprint, less occupy area than other boiler equipment

4. Fully automatic control boiler system, high-automation control

5. Energy saving deisgn, higher thermal efficiency than others

electric boiler

Features of electric boiler

1. Perfect safety protection function: boiler over-pressure, over temperature, low water level, power failure, sudden failures can be shut down in time to eliminate the fault and manually reset.

2. High degree of automation: fully automatic control, the main control components use world famous brand products to ensure the safety and reliability of boiler operation.

3. Stainless steel tubular nickel-chromium alloy electric heating tube, good heat transfer effect, low heat loss and high thermal efficiency up to 99%, long service life.

4.The outer packaging of the boiler is made of stainless steel, which is exquisite and beautiful. It's easier to intsall and operate 100% safely.

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electric steam generator

Technical Parameter

WDR Series Steam Boiler Technical Parameter Table
Model Rated capacity(t/h) Rated pressure (Mpa) Rated steam temperature(℃) Feed-water temperature(℃) Thermal efficiency(%) Electric power(KW) Applicable power supply(V/HZ) Boiler weigh(t)
WDR0.2 0.2 0.7 170.4 20 >98 150 380/50 0.86
WDR0.5 0.5 0.7  170.4 20 >98 390 380/50 0.95
WDR1 1 1.0  184 20 >98 760 380/50 1.73
WDR2 2 1.25  195 20 >98 1520 380/50 2.73
Note: Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow the factory technical data.

Our Supply Equipment List

Steam generator proper
Inner control cabinet
Electric heating rod
Bottom valve
Water pump
Valves & Instruments
Steam flow meter
Electrode sensor
Steam seperator
Safety valve
Pressure controller

Eelctric Boiler Cases

electric steam boiler

1ton Electric Boiler

Horizontal electrical heated steam boiler, for milk pasteurization
50kg electric steam generator

50kg Electric Steam Generator

Small electric steam generator for food processing factory
electric hot water boiler

300kw Electric Hot Water Boiler

Containerised electrical hot water boiler for buildings center heating
360kw electric steam generator

360kw Electric Steam Generator

Vertical electric steam generator 360kw, for dairy products

Electric Boiler Advantages

Automatic & Intelligient Control

Intelligient control system for boiler operation, no pollution, no noise, convenient installation, small occupation, full automatic control and high thermal efficiency.

Energy-saving Efficient Electric Boiler

Thermal efficiency up to 99%, equipped with erengy-saving device Economizer, Condenser, Steam generator, Exhaust gas boiler. Fully absorb heat of flue gas and transfer to useful energy.

High Quality & Strong Power

Design steam-water separator, reduce steam humidity and ensure steam quality. Boiler design 5-10% overload capacity, satisfy customers' demand for factory using. Enough steam output per hour.

Safety & 25+Years Lifespan

Double safety valve, double water level gauge, double pressure gauge design: backup guarantee, safe and reliable; Smoke chamber ultrasonic testing, overpressure 40-50% water pressure test,ensure the boiler quality.


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