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Wood/Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler

Product capacity: 300kw-14000kw
Working pressure: 0.1Mpa-3.8Mpa 1bar-38bar
Available fuel: Woodchips, wood pellets, biomass, sawdust, palm shells, etc
Available industries: For heating oil, such as in Food industry, Textile industry, Packaging industry, Bitumen, Plywood factory, Refineries...

Key selling points:YLW horizontal biomass wood fired thermal oil boiler, inner adopt square coil structure, scientific design for thermic oil flowing circulation system, heating thermic oil efficiently & 100% safety


Wood/Biomass thermal oil boiler | Chain grate thermal oil boiler

Wood/biomass fired thermal oil boiler, YLW is horizontal boiler, it has a square coil tube horizontal structure, adopt chain grate mechanical feeding, equipped with a drum and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with a slag machine to achieve mechanical slag.

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Energy efficient

1. Close packed disc tube heating surface, heating surface layout adequacy, multi-backhaul heat exchanger.
2. Furnace size match with burning flame, radiation heat transfer efficiency.
3. Positive pressure combustin, so that combustion efficiency is  greatly improved.
4. Boiler quality insulation materials and special construction technology, less heat loss, ther exhaust gas temperature is low, the high thermal efficiency of ther boiler.
5. By fully rational surface layout, boiler warming fast start.

Safe and reliable

1. Close-packed disc tube heating surface heating surface arrangement sufficient to reduce the tube sheet heat load, conducting oil safer to use.
2. The boiler operation monitor remote and nearly complete automatic control and monitoring instrumentation, safe, reliable, easy to operate

Easy to install

Boiler full assembled, compact structure, small footprint, is extremely easy to install and flexible, as long as the boiler is located based on.


Fuel applicable: light diesel oil, heavy oil, residual oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas,
Application industry: Chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, food, paper, rubber, wood, pharmaceuticals, asphalt and other industries.

Technical Parameter

YLW Series Thermal Oil Boiler Technical Parameter
Model Rated power(KW) Rated pressure (Mpa) Thermal oil temperature(℃) Thermal efficiency(%) Thermal oil circulation flow(m³/h) Fuel comsumption(Kg/h) max transportation weigh(t)
YLW-700 0.7 0.8/1.0 250-320 >83 45.7 187 16.9
YLW-1400 1.4 0.8/1.0 250-320 >83 87.4 373 22
YLW-2400 2.4 0.8/1.0 250-320 >83 149.8 621.3 28.6
YLW-2900 2.9 0.8/1.0 250-320 >83 155 756 24.2
YLW-4200 4.2 0.8/1.0 250-320 >83 225 989.3 30
YLW-5600 5.6 0.8/1.0 250-320 >83 336 1196 33.6
YLW-7000 7 0.8/1.0 250-320 >83 383.5 1657.4 18.2
YLW-8400 8.4 0.8/1.0 250-320 >83 536.2 1926.2 24.3
YLW-10500 10.5 0.8/1.0 250-320 >83 686.6 2442.6 27.5
YLW-14000 14 0.8/1.0 250-320 >83 869.1 3230 31
Note: Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow the factory technical data.

Our Supply Equipment List

Boiler Body
Control Cabinet
ID/Forced Fan
Dust Collector
Circulating Oil Pumps
Oil Storage Tank
Oil Expansion Tank
Oil Gas Separator
Oil header

Technical Design

thermal oil heater boiler, coal thermal oil boiler

Multi-loop coil design

Adopts square coil horizontal sturcture, chain grate automatic fuel feeding combustion device, increase heating surface and easier to operate.
biomass fired hot oil heater boiler, coal thermal oil boilers

Countercurrent heat transfer process

After rediation heat transfer by rediation heating surface, it enters the convection heating surface for convection heat transfer.
Thermic Fluid Heater Boiler

New furnace arch design

New furnace arch with upside down "α" flue gas flow, strengthen combustion, improve combustion efficiency, help coal/biomass/wood burning fully.
Thermal oil heater boiler, thermic fluid boiler

Good insulation & 100% Safety Running

Double layer 12cm aluminum silicate insulation. Sealed tightly to avoid air leaks.Over oil temperature/over smoke temperature/low flow alarm.


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